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Expert Advice: Bits And Hardware Buying Tips
- Nov 03, 2016 -

Hinges hardware is mainly housing hinges, drawer guides, hinges for doors of three.

Door hinge material both for copper and stainless steel, single hinge space standards for 10cmx3cm and 10cmx4cm, shaft diameter 1.1cm to 1.3cm, hinge thickness is 2.5mm to 3mm, choose hinges to open easily when no noise, better hinge axis containing ball bearings to be elected.

Drawer guide rail is divided into two sections, three track two, when choosing exterior paint and plating brightness, load-bearing wheel clearance and strong decision flexible opening and closing the drawer and noise, wear resistance and turn even load-bearing wheels should be selected.

Door hinges are both divided into shedding and non-shedding, and to shut the door and cover divided into large bend, bend, bend three, generally dominated by bending.

Selection of hinges, hinge surface texture in addition to Visual inspection and smooth, but should pay attention to the hinge spring reset performance is better, can be hinged to open 95 degrees, the hinges on both sides with a hand push, observations supporting Spring plate no distortion, no broken, very solid for the quality of the product.