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The Main Technical Features Of Hydraulic Dampers:
- Nov 03, 2016 -

1. user requirements can be changed after locking speed and latch speed, meet a variety of needs;

2. simple structure, compact, easy to layout;

3. the closed structure, good sealing performance, stable and reliable;

4. the damper function within will not resonate; thermal displacement under the condition of low friction resistance;

5. excellent dynamic performance and has a good ability to withstand overload;

6. the dampers at both ends using the joint bearings, allowing maximum swing angle of ± 5 °;

7. Special hydraulic stability, fire resistance, long life oil and good compatibility of sealing materials;

8. continuous work at 93 ° c temperature, short-time working temperatures up to 148 degrees;

9. provide simple instructions for tank level to facilitate observation and inspection of oil.