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Rotary Gear Damper/plastic Gear Damper

Rotary damper gear/plastic damper gear TRD-TE8 Damper Characteristics Damper Specification

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Rotary damper gear/plastic damper gear TRD-TE8


Damper Characteristics

torque vs angular speed(at room temperature:23℃) 

oil damper torque changing by rotate speed as shown in the left drawing. Torque increase by rotate speed increasing.

torque vs temperature(rotation speed:20r/min)

oil damper torque changing by temperature,generally Torque is increasing when temperature reduction and decreasing when temperature increment.

Damper Specification

0.20.2±0.05 cN·m
0.30.3±0.05 cN·m
0.40.4±0.06 cN·m
0.550.55±0.07 cN·m
0.70.7±0.08 cN·m
0.850.85±0.09 cN·m
1.01.0±0.1 cN·m
1.41.4±0.13 cN·m
1.81.8±0.18 cN·m
O-RingSilicon rubberFluidSilicon oil

TemperatureRoom Temperature:23℃
One cycle→1.5 way clockwise,(90r/min)
→1 way anticlockwise(90r/min)
Lifetime50000 cycles

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